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Christmas Holiday 2016

This past Christmas holiday did not go quite as planned. I woke up late, making it likely that lunch would be much later than I had hoped. I got the ham started first and worked my way to the rest of the Christmas lunch menu.

Our youngest daughter, who moved back in with us during the summer, woke up extremely ill, which called for an emergency room visit. My husband took her on to the hospital as I finished cooking.

Living in South Georgia, it is not unusual to have a warm Christmas. With the windows opened; I was beginning to feel the heat. I checked the thermostat. It was 80 degrees inside. I reluctantly decided to close the windows and turn on the AC.

I sat down to rest for about 30 minutes, waiting to hear from my husband. If was feeling even warmer inside. I checked the thermostat again. It was now 82 degrees. The air was blowing, just not cold air. So, I turned the air back off and reopened the windows.

In the meantime, the hospital had given my daughter a couple of bags of fluid via IV and had decided to move her upstairs.

I transferred all the food into Tupperware containers, placed all of it in the fridge to be eaten at a later time, and headed to the hospital, grabbing a gift for my daughter to open when she felt up to it.

After being at the hospital for about 12 hours, the medical staff decided that my daughter had improved enough to go home if she wanted. She and I arrived home around midnight on Christmas.

We both slept in the next morning. I was awakened by my freezer above my fridge making a loud noise. I checked it out and found melted ice cream, popsicles, ice trays, etc. To make a long story slightly shorter; we wound up taking everything out of the fridge and freezer and transferring it to either our upright freezer or a cooler topped with ice until the freezer thawed and began working properly. So glad that was all that was wrong with it.

A few days after Christmas we were finally able to sit down as a family and eat our Christmas dinner. We were just so thankful to have her home and feeling better.

Having family with you and healthy is about the best gift you can ask for.


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