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A picture is worth. . . Well, a single text.

Today is a beautiful, comfortable, sunny day here in South Georgia, with a high in the mid 70’s. But the previous few days it was slightly chilly. By that, I mean a low in the upper 20’s and a high of mid to upper 40’s. I know; that is not particularly cold, but I am definitely not a cold weather person.

Last summer my daughter moved over 900 miles away to attend grad school at the University of Pennsylvania.

I don’t feel the need to call everyday, but I do usually text her once a day just to check on her. Simple little texts like, “Just checking on you.” “How’s your day going?” or “What you doing?”.

So, this past Saturday, my text to my daughter was “Is it cold there?”. To which she replied by sending this:

So, yeah, I guess.


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